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  • Jasmine (Friday, June 23 17 04:33 am EDT)

    Hi Linda, I am such a big fan of all your books. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift of writing and imagination with us. Our would is immensely richer because of your works!

  • Marie (Thursday, December 10 15 03:26 pm EST)

    Finished reading "For Pete's Sake", loved your Christian writing style! God bless you!

  • Amber (Tuesday, October 06 15 10:17 pm EDT)

    I love your Brides of Alba series. I am just strating Thief. Are you going to have any more after Rebel?

  • Linda Windsor (Wednesday, May 27 15 07:35 pm EDT)

    My dearest readers,
    I am shamefully remiss in keeping up with my own website since taking my sabbatical away from writing to moved my family to a downsized home.

    I have to find out from my webmistress how to write to each of you individually. I am SO not tech savvy. But I hope to get a newsletter update out. I am living with one foot in the old house and one
    in the new. Just found my summer clothing today. You get the picture<G>.
    Writing? I fear it may be a year away, unless God suddenly drops a book in my lap/mind with a sense of urgency. His will and timing, not mine, no matter how much I long to ignore the houses and get
    back to my novels glorifying Christ and His life-changing Word.
    Until then, bless you and yours to the brim with His grace and love,
    Linda Windsor

  • Olivia Post (Tuesday, May 26 15 01:00 pm EDT)

    I've been missing you!! I love your books and have been waiting for the next one. Have I missed it? The last one I purchased was Healer. I think I have all of your Christian fiction. I read a lot of
    books, but always find my way back to yours and read them again and again. The way you include spiritual insight touches my heart, but your humor is right on target with mine. In this world when
    things get tough, it is great to pick up a book that inspires, but even greater to be inspired and laugh. I look forward to reading many more Linda Windsor books. Get busy!!

  • Annetta Jones (Sunday, December 07 14 10:55 pm EST)

    I just read For Pete\'s Sake and wondered if there is a follow up coming! Interesting read in this series.

  • Lizzie (Saturday, November 15 14 12:30 am EST)

    Thank you for not being religious but making Jesus a real living character in your books. Few fiction books have the quality of edification the ways yours do. I have read so many Christian fiction
    books that made me feel yucky inside if not bored after reading them that sometimes I have despaired of the hobby altogether. Some people believe that because it is a Christian novel everything
    should all turn out great because God is in control. But you have achieved a beautiful balance that not only portrays God\'s love and power but the part we play in it as well. When you are done it is
    the most important factors like faith, truth, and unconditional love that end up topmost in the reader\'s mind, not the romance or adventure. Jesus is the One glorified, not only in words but in the
    actions, motivations, and circumstances of the characters. Makes me cheer for Jesus! I would also like to say \"Bravo\" to all the research you put into the Brides of Alba series. I love history and
    realistic situations, and was awed by the level of depth you achieved. Authors like you keep me searching for good literature, so thank you for obeying the Lord and serving Him this way!

  • Dale Ann Edmiston (Wednesday, June 25 14 09:58 am EDT)

    We don't have a kindle- yet. Will Maire be available in print again, do you think?

  • Hannah Flocchini (Sunday, April 13 14 02:11 am EDT)

    Dear Linda,
    I am huge book worm and have ben since I was 14. I really love Christian literature. I go to my library all the time to "shop" for new books, and do so by looking at the publishers logo on the books
    to find good and wholesome books. I found your book collection at my library recently and rented The Brides of Alba series. I cold not put them down. I read all three in 24 hours, and at 10 a.m. the
    next day I was in shock. I was so touched by what I read in those books. I have been a Christian all my life and very few book and authors have been able to influence my life for the better, but your
    series has truly touched my heart. It has reawakened a desire for Jesus and His word in my life, and my worship and preyer to Him as well. I want to say thank you for bringing together so many truths
    about God and His word to life in your books. You truly have a gift for telling and explaining His words to touch anyone's life for the better. I hope to be reading new books by you soon.

  • Max Rene Eggen (Saturday, March 08 14 06:56 am EST)

    I love your books:)

  • Kat & Darren (Wednesday, November 20 13 12:31 am EST)

    Your novels have always been amazing! And yes, I may be biased because I remember the days of growing up & ending up at your home with other members of your family and idolizing you for following
    your passion in the love of your work, and hoping to 1 day find my calling in writing in a very special way,(children, adolescence & family specialties). I have special dreams, hopes, and plans
    in the near future working in specific ideas & areas in those aspects of life that I truly hope will bring yet another memorable author to the Eastern Shore. Above all else please continue to do
    what you've always done best. Keeping our attention with your novels and always wanting more! You have always been such an inspiration to me & my husband figured out just how much when you two
    met by phone in regards to the heating system and most recently the air conditioning. ...

  • Olga (Sunday, August 25 13 04:39 pm EDT)

    Thank you so much for keeping Christ and faith in your books. Well written and delightful.

  • Brenna Mcvay (Tuesday, June 18 13 09:23 pm EDT)

    dear linda, i am in love with your fires of gleanmara series, and your brides of Alba books. especially Healer, since i feel a connection to the heroine Brenna, becasue my name is brenna :)

  • SoniaMargarita (Friday, February 08 13 01:58 pm EST)

    Love your books!!! The Brides of Alba and the Gleanmnmara series. thanks for helping me understand god's designs in a whole new way!

  • Linda Windsor (Friday, August 24 12 11:28 am EDT)

    Bless you for your encouraging words. I'm glad my books minister to you and pray you will share the knowledge and ministry in them with others. So many are ignorant of our own faith. Armed with only
    Jesus stories, they are not prepared to speack to the anti-Christian sentiment that prevails today. The message of my heart is that we are not perfect, but Christ is. "Don't throw Jesus out with the
    dirty church water."

  • Tara (Tuesday, August 14 12 06:57 pm EDT)

    I absolutely LOVE your books!!! I love the history you go into, and the bits of humor that makes me laugh outloud as Im reading. You weave the stories and characters together seamlessly. Your
    testimony of reaching your daughter is incredible, and I believe God truly does use your writing to draw people who would not hear any other way. Be blessed, Ms. Linda Windsor, and thank you for
    sharing your gift with all of us. I look forward to more awesome stories in the future!!

  • Shashikant (Tuesday, August 07 12 09:59 am EDT)

    Holli - Looks like you are having a great time! What beufuital pictures!I really liked The Host by Stephenie Meyer (better than the Twilight books). The first few chapters are hard to get into
    because it seems too sci-fi. But it's a great story once you get going about human nature and such. Loved it.I liked The Last Chinese Chef by Nicole Mones. And I haven't read it yet, but my sister
    told me These Is My Words by Nancy E. Turner is really good.

  • Arlene Achord (Sunday, July 22 12 08:43 pm EDT)

    I have already read The Rebel. It was awesome as usual. all your books are awesome !!

  • Candy Abbott (Friday, June 22 12 08:23 pm EDT)

    Linda, it looks like your new site is up and running nicely. Thought I'd sign your guestbook as a thank you for choosing Fruitbearer Web Services. I'm as close as an e-mail or phone call if you need
    me to adjust anything!

  • Josette R From Texas (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:45 pm EDT)

    Josette R
    19:10:43 4/30/2012
    I just read The Fires of Gleanmarra series for the third time. I love this series. Is there any chance that you will ever write the story of Rhian and Maeve; or just a 4th book period?

  • Pamela Weirich From Marinette, WI (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:45 pm EDT)

    Pamela Weirich
    09:25:30 3/31/2012
    I just read Wedding Bell Blues. It was a wonderful book that captured all of my emotions. Laughing, tearing up, anticipation, etc. This was the first book I had read of yours. It won't be the last. A
    realistic connection of life, friendship and a personal relationship with God! Thank you.

  • Emily S From United States (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:44 pm EDT)

    Emily S
    13:50:47 3/26/2012
    I am so glad Liz Curtis Higgs suggested Healer and Thief to our book club! I thoroughly enjoyed Healer and utterly involved with Thief. The u####ing release of Rebel is highly anticipated. Thank you
    for your work and your dedication to inspiring fiction!

  • Janet Cooper Kuchler From South Carolina (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:43 pm EDT)

    Janet Cooper Kuchler
    06:02:04 2/21/2012
    Loved Healer. The characters are great and the setting perfect. Your writing is outstanding. Hugs,J

  • Nichole From Fort Worth, TX (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:42 pm EDT)

    14:42:57 2/04/2012
    I've read several of your books and have enjoyed each one! I'm currently reading Riona and look to Rebel in June.

  • Carolyn Parsons From Naples, FL (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:41 pm EDT)

    Carolyn Parsons
    18:50:29 1/29/2012
    Hi Linda ~ I have just finished reading Healer, ready to start with Thief, and have marked my calendar for June, to get Rebel, when it is published. I love your books and the characters. As far as I
    know, my collection consist of each book you have ever published. Thanks for sharing such heart warming stories. Blondie

  • Brenda Riding From Colonial Heights, Virginia (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:40 pm EDT)

    Brenda Riding
    11:49:07 1/29/2012
    So sorry for your losses, but praise God for His help to get us through them. May He bless and keep you in 2012.

  • Kandie McCauley From Nebraska (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:40 pm EDT)

    Kandie McCauley
    22:01:35 1/01/2012
    Linda, I wanted to email you to ask you to tell me about your daughter. My son is going through the same type of problem as your daughter went thru and I don't know where to begin to try to reach
    him. I pray that God will help me to find a way to talk to my son, who refuses to listen at this time. After reading your introduction in Healer, I think that God is leading me to you for help. I
    don't use outlook express so I was not able to use your email link, but am hoping beyond hope that you will read my message here and respond. Your words and your writing have already inspired me in
    many ways and I hope that you will be able to help me help my son find God and Jesus and open his heart to them. I think you will get me email through my registration to sign the guestbook and would
    prefer not to put it on here. Thank you and may God continue to bless your life. Kandie McCauley

  • Andrea Robinson From Ontario, Canada (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:39 pm EDT)

    Andrea Robinson
    12:56:57 12/29/2011
    Hello Linda! I have read your newest series "The Brides of Alba" and I am so excited for the next one to####e out! I love your characters! Thank you for sharing your talent!

  • Amy Jo Lehman From Wootown Ohio (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:38 pm EDT)

    Amy Jo Lehman
    05:26:31 12/07/2011
    Hi Linda! I picked up Paper Moon in the library years ago and really enjoyed it. Since then I've read all your books. I think Maire was my favorite, though they are all so good it is hard to choose!
    I appreciate how you incorporate elements of faith into each book. Well done!!

  • Melissa From ohio (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:37 pm EDT)

    11:19:05 8/11/2011
    Such a talented author! I've read the Piper Cove books and just got done with Along Came Jones..which by stole my heart! I've been checking them out at the library, but Along Came Jones touched me so
    much, I just ordered it online :) I just have to own it. I'm getting ready to read It Had To Be You now. Looking forward to more great books! God Bless!

  • N. Ireland From Lancaster, PA (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:36 pm EDT)

    N. Ireland
    22:01:07 8/08/2011
    You've fast b####e one of my favorite Christian Romance authors. Thank you for bringing excellent writing, well thought out plots & interesting characters into the world of Christian Fiction.

  • Lana Maggott From Ontario, Canada (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:35 pm EDT)

    Lana Maggott
    21:39:13 8/05/2011
    I've just read "For Pete's Sake" and enjoyed the characters; Ellen, Adrian, Selena, Pete. I found that in each facet of their personality was a little bit of myself. They each have their
    imperfections, is that not humanity? I think so. God made each one unique....we begin out as rough rock and God molds us into a perfect diamond. It does take time of course....this is what God
    has....his time is different to our own view of time. I got so much out of this uplifting and riveting story. Thank you. May God Bless you to deliver great characters as you have presented in this
    novel. I look forward to reading another inspiring story.Thank you and God Bless.

  • Vicki From Northcentral Florida (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:34 pm EDT)

    20:16:28 8/03/2011
    I have enjoyed many of your books over the years but I just finished re-reading 'Wedding Bell Blues', and was wondering if there is the third book about Jan? Or did you do her story by simply saying
    how she & Joe were put together by traditions at Ellen's wedding? Did you want us to imagine that scenario from that 'teaser'? I think you could probably do it better than my mind, but I do enjoy
    the exercise. :) Thank you for giving me many laughs & spiritual food for thought. I think my favorite may be "It Had to Be You"! So funny!Your books are 'keepers' on my shelves, along with Lori
    Wick and Dee Henderson, that I go back to over and over again. They never seem to grow old. Thank you for honing the talent that God has given you. I pray it is something you love doing and we will
    see many more in the years ahead...if you're not too busy with living life! :) Vaya con Dios! Vicki

  • carla fisher From Texas (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:33 pm EDT)

    carla fisher
    01:55:41 8/03/2011
    I really enjoyed "Healer". I am hoping there will be more books like it. I like to read christian celtic historical fiction. Looking forward to reading "Thief"

  • Christy Remillard From Pacific, Washington (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:32 pm EDT)

    Christy Remillard
    17:29:10 7/08/2011
    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE you books! I know that I am always in for a good read when I pick up one of your books. I own the moonstruck series and am looking to buy more. I love how the message of faith can
    be tied up with romance and####dey. Is there going to be a third piper cove book? I love those girls!

  • Paige McQueen From Sumner, Texas (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:31 pm EDT)

    Paige McQueen
    14:37:37 6/30/2011
    Dear Linda,I'm a HUGE fan of all your books!They're amazing reads :) If you'd ever like to do an interview on my book blog, Page by Paige, please email me!Thank you so much!In Christ Alone,Paigelink:

  • Rebekah Gyger From Knoxville TN (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:30 pm EDT)

    Rebekah Gyger
    12:14:31 6/30/2011
    I love the Brides of Alba series! Can't wait to read the next one.

  • Sue Becraft From Street, Maryland (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:29 pm EDT)

    Sue Becraft
    06:56:12 6/13/2011
    Linda, As your devoted fan, who has read everything you have created, I am so looking forward to ordering my THIEF book today. God bless and love to your family. Suzie

  • Sue Harrison From Michigan (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:28 pm EDT)

    Sue Harrison
    18:13:14 6/05/2011
    Wishing you wonderful success with THIEF!

  • Judy Haskell From Exeter, NH (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:26 pm EDT)

    Judy Haskell
    05:46:37 6/02/2011
    Your website is very attractive, but you might want to correct the spelling of your book title "Thief" on the contest page...Thanks!

  • susan beamon From Thornton, co 80229 (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:25 pm EDT)

    susan beamon
    13:53:52 5/30/2011

  • BONNIE From mpls mn (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:24 pm EDT)

    10:47:01 5/30/2011
    Hi Linda,I saw your book THIEF featured at AuthorBuzz/DearReader. Please enter me for a chance to win a Sterling Scottish Thistle Necklace and/or a autographed copy of THIEF. Also when will the next
    book in the piper cove series be out?I really enjoy that one and have the second on hold at library and finally could you send me an autographed bookmark if you have them. I love using the authors
    own when reading there book. Bonnie

  • Christy (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:23 pm EDT)

    14:09:27 5/29/2011
    Hi Linda,I saw your book THIEF featured at AuthorBuzz/DearReader. Please enter mefor a chance to win a Sterling Scottish Thistle Necklace and an autographed copy of THIEF.

  • Rachel Miller From Sioux Lookout, Ontario (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:23 pm EDT)

    Rachel Miller
    11:28:05 5/27/2011
    Hi Linda,I was wondering if there is any chance that they will be releasing the 3rd and 4th books of the Piper Cove series anytime soon? I Loved the first two! Maybe we need to sign a petition.
    :)Thanks, Rachel

  • Dee Ytreeide From Rockport Texas (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:22 pm EDT)

    Dee Ytreeide
    14:58:24 3/02/2011
    Thanks so much for your website info and info on your new book in the trilogy. I look forward to reading all three. So nice to meet you on the cruise. Dee in Texas

  • Melissa Sterling (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:21 pm EDT)

    Melissa Sterling
    21:54:59 2/24/2011
    I am curious if you will write any more Piper Cove Chronicles? I live in Mardela Springs and just love your books.

  • JIM. From Uganda (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:20 pm EDT)

    00:00:36 1/11/2011
    Hey this is unbelievable with my nephew, He likes you creativity.

  • SANDY HUMPHREY From LIVERPOOL,NY (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:19 pm EDT)

    08:20:05 12/17/2010

  • Patsy R. Bates From Midway, Kentucky (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:18 pm EDT)

    Patsy R. Bates
    13:41:33 12/11/2010
    Bought a book at the Lexington Public Library....they had a big sale. the cover is "Wedding Bell Blues by Linda Windsor". However, inside the book the author is Robyn Amos writng also "The Wedding
    Bell Blues. I truly wanted a book by Linda Windsor. Your work precedes itself. I love Regency Romance novels, and have wanted to read your books, but flopped around and would forget to look for your
    books. Did you co-write this with Robyn Amos? I knew I was in the wrong book when the hero looked like Taye Diggs....whom I adore, but I feel so strange.

  • Shawntel Fairfield-Carver From Albany, Oregon (Tuesday, May 22 12 11:17 pm EDT)

    Shawntel Fairfield-Carver
    13:54:11 9/08/2010
    I absolutely loved the healer. Can't wait till the next one####es out. Do you have email alerts that I can sign up for?