The second book in Windsor's "Moonstruck" series (after Paper Moon) is a spirited, modern inspirational romance full of charm, humor, and a touch of magic (an enchanted pig attaches itself to Mark). The spiritual aspects are never heavy-handed and are woven into the story realistically. There is also plenty of romantic tension and witty dialog, which will please romantic comedy fans and those who enjoy the feisty heroines of Helen Fielding (Bridget Jones's Diary) or Jennifer Crusie (Bet Me). Highly recommended for CF and romance collections.


Library Journal


FIESTA MOON is a fast-paced novel full of laugh-a-minute comedy and loveable characters. It also has a great mystery that will have you guessing until the end who is behind all the trouble and why. Linda Windsor is an author with a funny bone and a quick wit the reader will thoroughly enjoy. FIESTA MOON is the second of the Moonstruck series, but can easily stand alone. I highly recommend FIESTA MOON for a wonderfully romantic comedy that is also inspirational in content.


Sherry Myers


Linda Windsor has woven a magical tale set within a small village in Mexico. Her adept use of the area’s language and customs take the reader on a journey to another country. The story is captivating. One wishes for the Fiesta Moon to shine on lovers everywhere.


Eileen Key
Road to Romance


Hilarious romantic comedy by a master storyteller who keeps you laughing along with giving you deep insight into her characters’ lives in FIESTA MOON, the second book in her Moonstuck Series set in Mexico. Linda Windsor is a gem of an author with a wicked sense of humor and a divine spiritual love that echoes throughout her heartwarming books... Secondary characters add so much to this wonderful book filled with laughter, romance and inspiring spiritual messages that make you think about quite a few things in your everyday life. This is a great reading experience you don’t want to miss. A cute pig by the name of Toto chinches this tale with its personality and love for Mark. I loved this book.


Suzanne Coleburn
Reader To Reader Reviews/The Belles & Beaux of Romance


Warning: This book contains a laugh a minute! . . . I knew from the first few pages that I would love this book. Drawn by Linda Windsor’s beautiful writing, clever wit, and engaging characters, it didn’t take long to devour Fiesta Moon. I hadn’t read the first of the Moonstuck Series, Paper Moon, but it wasn’t necessary and it didn’t stop me enjoying this book immensely. For those in need of romance and humor… get moonstruck!

Vennessa Ng
Focus On Fiction


A truly entertaining tale about the magic of faith, love and a touch of mystery to add a bit of spice. This is a story that will make you laugh at the antics life and God can through in your way to test your faith. Mark and Corrine are enchanting and charming characters that will touch and warm your heart as they face their challenges. The secondary characters round out this story well and the overall plot is well-written. This is an easy to read story that will keep you turning pages just to see what will happen next.


Teresa Sanders
A Week of Romance


FIESTA MOON is another magnificent installment of the Moonstruck Series. With an abundance of humor, suspense and a budding romance, this is one book you will not want to miss. Ms Windsor has an amazing ability to weave a story that will keep you entertained from the first page until the last. I enjoyed reading FIESTA MOON just as much as I did reading PAPER MOON the first book in the Series.


The Romance Readers Connection


Filled with mystery and Windsor's characteristic humor, FIESTA MOON does something difficult to do in a sequel---she managed to make the story more riveting and fun than the first.

C.R. Scheides
Author's Choice Reviews


Mark is an interesting character who (is always) compared unfavorably to his successful siblings, using charm with no substance to compete. However, Corinne, who initially write him off as a playboy with no core, begins to see little things in him based on his interactions with the children and his piglet; she encourages him and the underachiever begins to accomplish the mission. That Pygmalion Effect transition is the key to the inspirational romance FIESTA MOON; a fine Moonstruck tale filled with humor and a serious undercurrent that the locals believe is a voodoo curse on Mark while he deems that he is simply doing God's work.


Harriet Klausner


BLUE MOON is my favorite of the moon series. The hero, Captain Avery won me with his first surly comment and pirate-like appearance. It’s not often you meet such a…ummm…sexy hero in inspirational books... And, too, the strong, yet vulnerable Jeanne is a great heroine to cheer for. We want these two to succeed in their own quests, but also to find the heart love of the other! (This is wonderfully plotted and played out by Linda Windsor’s winning and clever writing).


L. Baldwin
Romantic Times



Blue Moon has it all—exotic setting, high adventure, sassy romance and hilarity, all woven together with a strong thread of faith. This was my first Windsor novel, but it definitely won’t be my last.


Deborah Raney
Author of Over the Waters and A Nest of Sparrows


"Blue moon is pure delight with a savvy, spunky heroine and a tall dark pirate of a man set on finding sunken treasure--fun, romance, and inspiration all rolled together with a cast of interesting, arresting characters in an envelope of intrigue."


Suzanne Coleburn
Reader to Reader Reviews/The Belles and Beaux of Romance


Paper Moon is hilarious. It has many laugh out loud moments. I fell in love with one of the secondary characters, John, and two of the old women who make an appearance toward the end of the book. Blaine was suffering for a long ago heartache which needed Caroline's touch in order to heal. I read portions of Paper Moon to my husband because he wanted to know why I was laughing. Caroline is a believable, fun-loving character whom I’d love to call a friend. She would certainly keep life interesting.


Pick up a copy of Paper Moon today for a great read. Fans of Linda Windsor’s earlier contemporary work will not be disappointed by this latest offering.


Romance Reviews



Suspense, romance, humor, and emotion, all fit together to bring us a delightful, enchanting and down right good read. Linda Windsor is a master at telling a story so the pages of the book seem to come alive. We walk with the characters, we cry with them, wince when they bump their heads, hope they kiss, pray they get free, and hope someone makes it to happily ever after.


I highly recommend PAPER MOON the first in the Moon Struck series.


Linda Baldwin
Road to Romance



Five out of five stars!


Linda Windsor has won numerous awards for her novels, including historical and contemporary romances, and after reading “Paper Moon,” I can see why. “Paper Moon” is filled with adventure, suspense, marvelous humor and great sensitivity. To say I eagerly look forward to her next release is an understatement. This is definitely a not-to-be missed book!


Linda Morelli
Author and Reviewer for Linda's Place



A trip across Mexico is also a journey into the hearts of Caroline and Blaine. With a touch of mystery and a large serving of humor, the endearing PAPER MOON is the ideal read for a cold night in front of a warm fireplace. Enjoy!


Gayle Roper



Ms. Windsor captures the inspiration that carries her characters throughout book one of the Moonstruck Series. She has created a hero, heroine and a set of sometimes-humorous circumstances that are true to life. Add in a bit of mystery and danger and you have a perfect mix for a romance. Add the loving kindness of a forgiving Lord and you have a promise for eternity.


Faith V. Smith
My Shelf