This is a story filled with many surprises, fights, and deadly enemies, and a pair of lovers to die for.  Once I started reading THIEF, I couldn’t put it down.  Linda Windsor amazes her readers with her special talent with words, fabulous unforgettable characters, and a spellbinding plot that will keep you up until the wee hours.  Don’t miss this book.  I can’t wait for Book Three, REBEL.  Suzanne


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Romantic Times Top Pick 4.5 STARS
2011 Inspirational Romance Nominee

Windsor’s highly entertaining second book in The Brides of Alba series introduces us to Sorcha, a woman unmatched in compassion and angelic characteristics. Windsor keeps us on the edge of our seats, mixing romance with early Christian testimony. An enchanting tale of intrigue and the power of compassion. 


Reviewed By: Lindy J. Swanson




From heart-wrenching to heart-warming, Thief is a non-stop adventure that captures the reader until the last page. And long after you’ve closed the book, you’ll find that Windsor’s characters are unforgettable. Personally, I can’t wait until book 3 releases! 


Michelle Geipe, author and reviewer, www.mmgriep.com




Windsor has a way with words and culture that makes you feel a part of the setting so much that you are living in the fantasy world while you read her books…  A beautifully written redemption story, Thief encompasses the faith journey of two strong-willed individuals who were both self-sufficient and determined to survive… Linda Windsor has crafted an intriguing and spiritually satisfying novel that will keep readers hooked on the Brides of Alba series and longing for more.


Michelle Sutton, http://edgyinspirationalauthor.blogspot.com/2011/02/my-review-of-thief-by-linda-windsor.html



FIVE STARS: Linda Windsor is imbued with a talent for immersing her readers in the time period she writes in. In her Brides of Alba series, readers are whisked away to sixth century Scotland amidst lairds, bards, druids, Saxons and Celts where adventure, intrigue and spiritual conflict were rife. While she weaves a tender love story it is the historical element that takes precedence along with fascinating characters and a meaningful spiritual exploration. Thief is a wonderful story and makes me long for Alyn's adventure in Rebel, releasing in 2012. 


Rel Mollet, http://novelreviews.blogspot.com/2011/05/linda-windsors-thief-reviewed.html



FIVE STARS: Thief is at once a rousing adventure and a love story between two people who match one another in stubbornness and intelligence. The interplay between Sorcha and Caden is entertaining. Linda Windsor’s writing style blends lyricism and practicality in a pleasing combination to color her portrait of life in Alba (early England) with truth and charm. The cover art is stunning. The book contains maps and an Afterwards with a glossary, author’s notes and a brief biography for Linda Windsor.


Janalyn Voight, http://novelbooks.org/2011/06/01/book-review-thief/




FIVE STARS!  In this second book in the Brides of Alba series, Linda Windsor has done it again. By using her gift of writing, she opens up her readers about a time in history where Christians lived and experienced God in ways that we may never have thought of. In every way, she does her best to follow the best historical information and does a wonderful job of giving her sources so if you want to further your own study of a time most Christians don't even realize exists.


Cana Elene, www.GoodReads.com, www.placeofreeds.com
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FlamingNet.Com Score 9 of 10: Thief is an incredibly well-written piece of historical fiction. I have read several of books by Linda Winsor and I have loved every one, and this is no exception!! Thief is a great work of historical fiction that really makes you feel like you are witnessing the events as they unfold in sixth century Scotland. The characters are complex and interesting without being unreal, and the plot moves along quickly to a surprising conclusion. I highly recommend this book to any teen reader! 


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FIVE STARS! I love Linda Windsor's books. She writes with attention to historical detail and with such feeling that it amazes me. I loved Healer, now Thief and I can barely wait for Rebel. I love this time period also and her other series in this time was also super. I always buy her books, never even bothering to read the synopsis on the back cover.


Susan Snodgrass, Amazon.com

5.0 out of 5 stars An Amazing Historical Novel!!!, June 18, 2011




This was in my top three books I've read so far this year...an amazing work of fiction. The story of Sorcha's search for her roots--who she is, where she belongs, and who she loves, drew me in and held me captive. The characters are beautifully drawn, the plot and dialogue never drag, and I loved the interaction between the variety of characters. Good action, adventure, and a glimpse into an era not often written about. I didn't know there was a "book 1" when I read this one, and while I did miss a little background and would recommend you DO read book 1, I still thoroughly enjoyed this one. I've read very little of this author's work in the past, but am now a die-hard fan. I bought the first book in this series and plan to read it and the one that comes after. I HIGHLY Recommend this series, this book and this author!!


Miralee Ferrill, author/reviewer, Amazon.com




THIEF listed in FamilyFiction.Com: 10 Essential Voices in Medieval Fiction  (October 2011) 


Chivalrous knights, devout priests, and courageous peasants. Swordplay, adventure, danger and superstition. Medieval history is fertile soil for storytellers and the following authors make the most of those great elements in their books.



KYMSBOOKCASE: It took me a little longer to get the characters and locations straight in my mind when I started reading this book, but once I had it settled who belonged to which kingdom, I was drawn in by the story and found it difficult to put down.  Since the third in this series is probably not going to be available till sometime next year, I may see if I can pick up one of Windsor’s other titles in the meantime.